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Losing weight: How I did it

I don’t know about you, but I have always thought of losing weight as a very hard thing to do. That’s probably because I had never done it before, and I pictured hours and hours at the gym. I worked 80 hours a week, after all, I had no time to lose weight, or so I thought. I didn’t think I had any time to take any weight off, but finally my doctor told me that I needed to lose weight or I was in serious health […]

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My Personal Struggles With Weight Loss

Growing up I wasn’t a fat kid – I wasn’t a skinny kid, either. However, most of my family was overweight, and had been their entire lives. My mother said it must’ve skipped a generation with me. Then one day, during high school, she met up with me at school, took one look at me and said, “You’re starting to get a little poochy.” That, my friends, was the beginning of a long struggle with my self-image. I subscribe that BMI is a crock, and not just […]

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My Weight Loss Success Story

I would like to tell you about my weight loss journey. A journey that saved my marriage, my relationship with my children and certainly my life. Hopefully, by reading my story, other overweight people will find hope that one day they will be able to pass on a story of successful weight loss. At 38 years old, and weighing in at 329 pounds, I was walking a tight-wire, teetering on the brink of divorce, ruined family relationships and possibly death. While my husband was supportive, he found […]

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